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Your Source For Expander Innovations since 1981

Texas Turbine, Inc. wants to be your supplier for all your turboexpander needs. As an independent company dealing only in turboexpanders and compressors, we are able to fully focus on providing our customers with the best products and services in all phases of this industry. With complete engineering, manufacturing, and service departments, we are fully equipped to handle any of your needs.

TTI manufactures complete turboexpander compressor packages including the lubrication system and annunciator. Close attention to detail throughout the design process produces a remarkably open, uncluttered skid for the ease of operation. The use of high-quality pumps, coolers, regulators, and filters ensure that the reliability of the support system is equal to the quality level of the unit it protects.

TTI never sees an impossible situation... only a remarkable challenge. Through the years our engineers have met every challenge facing them with efficient and creative solutions. Some design innovations include pre-boost thrust elimination, fast-acting thrust control, mechanical seals, multiport labyrinth seals, and high-efficiency impellers machined from solid billet. When it comes to providing customers with the most efficient, cost-effective system to meet their needs the TTI design team knows no equal. Put our engineering staff to work on your problem, and we will provide solutions.


Unparalleled Commitment

At TTI, we take a practical approach to each project we encounter, from our larger units all the way down to the K-1, the smallest natural gas expander-compressor in the world. By looking at specific requirements of each type of unit, we are able to find solutions to problems that previously have been accepted as "unavoidable". One example is our automatic thrust control system that greatly reduces the thrust failures caused by sudden imbalance by isolating the thrust sensing function from the thrust balancing device.

Another innovation eliminates thrust on pre-boost expanders from 0 RPM to maximum continuous speed; and, this eliminates the need for very high oil pressures usually associated with the pre-boost expanders. The result is substantial savings on the lubrication components.

TTI also has developed a process to reduce inherent electrical runout at the shaft vibration monitoring areas without using fragile, sprayed-on aluminum bands that require special, expensive vibration sensing components.

Our innovations are all geared toward providing our customers with the most reliable, durable, and efficient units made at competitive prices.


Total Turboexpander Involvement


TTI's manufacturing techniques are tailored to the demands and specifications of the turboexpander industry. Two examples of this include 3-dimensional milling of all our wheels from solid bar stock and fabricating our housings from solid forging. We take pride in adhering to the tightest manufacturing standards in the industry, monitored by strict quality control measures. Only the best materials and techniques are used in the construction of our units.


If your process conditions have changed since your unit was originally built, you may be experiencing a loss of efficiency from your expander. TTI can redesign your unit by changing the rotating and flow regulation assemblies to meet new process conditions at a much lower cost than purchasing a completely new unit. TTI's technical staff has redesigned units of every size up to 5,000 horsepower. By incorporating our innovative designs with your existing housings, we can provide you with an up-to-date, efficient turboexpander system in an economical and timely manner.

Spare Parts

Lost production while your expander is out of service can be extremely costly to your company. Due to the custom nature & precision required, the repair of expanders is time-consuming.  As a result, spare parts are very cost effective. Whether your expander was made by TTI or others, we can provide you with a full range of replacement parts for your existing unit, including a complete rotating assembly or even a bare unit.

Repairs & Field Service

You can count on TTI's competitive pricing and quick delivery whenever your unit needs to be repaired. Our professional staff can also provide technical solutions for its chronic problems. Finally, we provide installation and start-up assistance. Our experienced Field Service technicians are well known for troubleshooting any problems you may be experiencing with your existing turbo expander system.

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